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The Buyer’s Inspector/Vaughn Inspections is a family owned business operated by Robert and Robin Vaughn since 1991 serving the central Oklahoma area. We have the reputation for performing thorough house inspections and offering very responsive personal customer service. We are very proud of the level of our customer satisfaction. Our office staff streamlines the Inspection process with their friendly and patient style. We navigate the buyer through the inspection phase of the home purchase. This includes the initial scheduling of the inspection appointment via the telephone or internet to often dealing with numerous other professionals involved in the house buying process: Realtors, Brokers, Sellers, Lenders, and Appraiser. This is especially helpful for first time home buyers. The Home Inspector is the only professional in the home purchase process that has no vested interest in the conclusion of the process. They are not motivated by the sales process and have only the Buyer’s interest in providing a comprehensive report of the condition of the house inspected.

Is There a Difference Among Inspection Companies?

You betcha! Although there are Standards of Practice that control the subject and minimum content of the Inspection Report, there is not any control or regulation of inspection technique. Therefore, what separates Home Inspectors would be their experience. It is only through years of experience that an Inspector will develop the skills and more importantly the judgment to evaluate the true condition of the house being inspected. This should include a background in the construction of the house. Check our credentials on the resume page and make your decision upon who should inspect your house. You deserve more than a minimum Inspection!




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